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Machinery Towing Melbourne

Machinery towing services at Hill Top Logistics provide a way to transport large and heavy machinery from one location to another, without the use of a crane or other lifting device. Machinery towing services can be used for a variety of purposes, including moving machinery from one job site to another, or even from one country to another.

In addition, machinery towing services can also be used to move heavy equipment from one storage facility to another, or from one city to another. No matter what your machinery towing needs may be, our team at Hill Top Logistics can help you with machinery movers Australia. We have a wide variety of machinery towing services that are sure to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our machinery towing services in Melbourne.

Heavy Machinery Tow Truck

Are you in need of a heavy machinery tow truck? Our heavy machinery tow truck is available for towing services across Melbourne. We know that when it comes to machinery, it is important that it is handled with care.

This is why our machinery towing service is available to provide you with the best possible service. Hire machinery transport service without any second thought as we have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are available to provide you with the best possible towing service and always equipped with all required tools including portable lights etc. We know that your machinery is important to you and we want to ensure that it is handled with care. Contact us today to book our machinery towing service.

Machinery Movers Melbourne

At Hill Top Logistics, we’re proud to be the best machine mover in Melbourne. We understand that machinery is delicate and expensive, and we take every precaution to ensure that your machinery arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

We have a team of experienced and qualified machinery movers who will carefully pack, load, and transport your machinery to its new location. We also offer a range of towing solutions if you need to move your machinery. With our heavy machinery movers, we also deal in plant transportation. Other than that, we deal in moving excavators, forklifts, bobcats, sweepers, booms, tractors, containers, and generators. We have a wide range of small machinery movers, industrial machinery movers, etc.

Whether you’re moving machinery across town or across the country, Hill Top Logistics is the company you can trust, feel free to bother us for rent machinery transport service. Contact us today for a free quote.


What is a heavy-duty tow?
A heavy-duty tow truck is a specialized vehicle designed for the purpose of hauling very large and potentially hazardous loads. These trucks are typically much larger and more powerful than standard tow trucks, and they are equipped with a variety of features that allow them to safely transport oversized loads. They help in heavy machinery towing including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and tipper trucks.
What is the difference between a tow truck and a wrecker?
While both tow trucks and wreckers serve similar purposes, there are some important distinctions between the two. Tow trucks typically have a boom or crane attached to the back, which is used to lift and secure the disabled vehicle. Wreckers, on the other hand, typically have a flatbed that can be used to load and transport vehicles. In addition, tow trucks are typically smaller and more maneuverable than wreckers, making them better suited for city streets and tight spaces.
What equipment is needed on a tow truck?
The most important piece of equipment on a tow truck is the winch. The winch is used to wind a cable around a disabled vehicle so that it can be pulled onto the flatbed of the truck. In addition, tow trucks typically have ramps or lifts that can be used to loading vehicles onto the flatbed. Also, many tow trucks are equipped with dollies, which can be used to move the wheels of a disabled vehicle while it is being towed.